Synasc 2005 - Topic

SYNASC aims to stimulate the interaction between the two scientific communities of symbolic and numeric computing, with the purpose of exhibiting interesting applications of these areas both in theory and in practice.

                   Topics for submissions to SYNASC:

  • symbolic techniques applied to numerics; 
  • numerics and symbolics for geometry; 
  • automated reasoning; 
  • computer algebra; 
  • solving systems of nonlinear equations; 
  • parallel, distributed and web computing for symbolics and numerics; 
  • formal system verification;
  • software quality assesment;
  • programming with constraints,narrowing; 
  • artificial intelligence in numeric solving; 
  • multi-agent systems for complex problem solving; 
  • scientific visualization;
  • grid middleware and applications:
  • soft computing; 
  • data mining ,

   but this list is not intended to be exhaustive. 

   We also welcome system descriptions related to these areas. 

   The choice of these topics is motivated by the belief of the organizers that the dialogue between the two communities is very necessary in order to make significant progress in making the computer a truly intelligent aid for mathematicians and engineers.

  The Symposium will comprise a workshop on Computer-Aided Verification of  Information Systems (CAVIS).